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Tutorial > ANBU Mask

Tutorial by : Saitou_Nami

*This tutorial can be used to Haku's mask.

Materials You Will Need
  1. Plastic Mask of a full human face.
  2. At least 2 packages of White Crayola Model Magic. (Molding Clay-ish)
  3. Black Elastic Band 1/2 inch wide. (At least 15 inches long)
  4. Super Glue.
  5. A rolling pin. (Any kind will do but wood seems to work best)


  1. Lay out all of your materials in front of you.
  2. Take the white molding substance out of the TWO packages of Crayola Model Magic and form both rectangles into ONE big ball.
  3. Find a clean flat surface and lightly apply pressure to the ball. Press the ball down until it is flat enough to roll.Like So:
  4. Roll the clay until it is about one centimeter thick or until the clay "sheet" is large enough to fit completely over the mask.
  5. Place the clay "sheet" over the mask (make sure that the clay covers the entire front part of the mask) and lightly press/stretch the material to give a seamless appearance to the mask.It should looks something like this: Note: I stretched the edges of the clay to cover the inner edge of the mask.Note: This is a very forgiving type of molding clay but if you accidentally scratch or press your hand into the material before it dries it will leave an unflattering mark.This took me a few times to get it right so please don't get discouraged if you don't get it on the first try.
  6. GENTLY poke/push around the eye area to show the mask's eye holes.It should look something like this:
  7. IMPORTANT: Pull/Cut off the excess molding clay that is jutting out from the back of the mask.
  8. Take the excess clay that you pulled off from the back of the mask and make two small balls from it. Then mold those balls into an ear shape.It should look something like this:
  9. DO NOT ATTACH THE EARS TO THE MASK YET. Now you should have three parts formed. (Throw any excess clay away because it will dry out and be unusable.) Get up from wherever you are and leave the mask and ears alone. Go back to your workstation in a few hours.
  10. Super glue the now dry items together.It should look something like this:
  11. Cut a piece of black elastic so that it is about fifteen inches long without being stretched. Super glue the elastic band to the inside of the mask.It should look like this: (Inside of mask)
  12. Congratulations!!! You have made the base to your very own Naruto mask! It should look something like this:
  13. From here you can paint, sharpie, etc. to your mask to give it a true ANBU appeal.


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I will be posting more tutorials that I find on the internet that seem most helpful and I will also try to make some tutorials of my own!

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